Today Is All About Health Care Transparency

  • A killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando has claimed a third victim. [Orlando Sentinel]
  • Huzzah, today is President Obama's famous "health care summit," in which Jeb Hensarling will be fed poisoned cucumber sandwiches by White House chef Cristeta Comerford, and all will be broadcast live in HD on C-SPANS's Congressional Snuff Channel. [Washington Post]
  • Paterson bombshell!!!!: His underqualified former-driver-turned-top-aide has now been suspended on allegations of girlfriend-beatin'. [AP]
  • Gays can't get married in Maryland, but they can get married somewhere else and be considered a married couple in Maryland, because that is what the Framers wanted when they wrote Ron Paul's Constitution. [Baltimore Sun]
  • WellPoint's CEO stood up to mean old Henry Wax Man in a Congressional hearing, asserting that as the health care industry goes insurers are basically the impoverished step-cousins and not the rich uncles. [Reuters]

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