Today We Are All Lower Tax-Bracket Earners

  • GM reported its fourth-quarter results. They are Not Good. [Bloomberg]
  • Barack Obama is waging that class warfare thing that John McCain warned us about, huzzah! Now we just have to hope that there are still some couples in America who earn more than $250,00 a year, since the success of healthcare reform depends on their contributions. [New York Times]
  • Without Stevie Wonder, Barack Obama might never have gotten laid. [CNN]
  • Science proves that reducing the number of calories you consume leads to weight loss. (!!!!) [USA Today]
  • Republicans are once again raising a stink about earmarks, this time regarding a spending bill that will keep the government operating through September. [Washington Post]
  • A lawyer for Guantanamo detainees says that inmate abuse has increased since December because guards are trying to administer their share of beatings before Obama shuts the whole nasty operation down. [Reuters]

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