Today's Second-Best Catchphrase: "I Did Not Blog"

clooneygate-index.jpgSo, let's try to reconstruct this: At the post-Good Night and Good Luck cocktail party, Arianna makes friendly with George, and they're both very charming, so they hit it off, Arianna asks George to "write a blog" for her, and George says, "of course, Arianna, anything for you," and they arrange for her seconds to call on his seconds, or whatever rich people do instead of writing numbers on cocktail napkins.

Some time passes, no one can get George to sit still long enough to "write a blog," so an arrangement is made through his publicist in which the HuffPo can run Clooney interview excerpts. Then, due to a bit of poor communication on everyone's end (read: publicist didn't tell Clooney what was agreed to in his name, HuffPo didn't make it clear it'd be running with his byline), a post seemingly written by Clooney runs, to a pretty even combination of derision and rapturous joy. Now, things are getting a bit ugly.

But here's the untold story: That screening Arianna mentions happened the same night that our boss, Nick Denton, threw Arianna a party at his stylish-but-tasteful SoHo loft. And we happen to know, having attended said party, that there was a shitload of free champagne ("free" = "in lieu of actual benefits"). Which explains just how Arianna could've so completely misunderstood George -- she was wasted! Simple misunderstanding, happens to the best of us.

(It's a pretty handy excuse, Arianna -- we use it all the time. You're welcome.)

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