Today's Special E-Mail: 'Bush will deny US election in 2008'

Ubik drops you back in the thick of things fast. Taken as directed, Ubik speeds relief to head and stomach. Remember: Ubik is only seconds away. Avoid prolonged use. - WonketteFrom: Ettore Greco
To: (Basically every news outfit in America, plus Wonkette)
Date: Today, 1:04 pm

Soon, we will not trust a Muslim on a bus or a Jewish surgeon at the hospital or a Christian policeman in the streets. Once expanded the conflict in the Middle East, Bush will attempt to remain commander in chief even after his mandate to involve all populations in this War. After 2008, this manipulated war of Religions will spread more and more to resemble a new Crusade. There is one solution to stop this course, otherwise inevitable: to divulge the evidence of Wavevolution (based on the simple transformation from waves to mass) to offset Moses' big lie. In fact, the Bible is the Constitution and origin for Jews, Christians and Muslims which are the instruments used by the Bush's conspiracy.
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