Today's WaPo Columns: Better Than Crapping Your Pants


Friday is aspecial day at the beloved Washington Post opinion center: the day when you, the reader, are most likely to look at the front-page teasers on and burst into hysterical laughter, without clicking on any of them. The rotation just works out this way!

Let's run through it: Michael Gerson thinks Obama is a fag; Michael Mukasey thinks Obama is a fag; Charles Krauthammer has literally written a column that is teased, "Obama failed on space," because he thinks Obama is a fag, about space; Eugene Robinson chimes in with the trenchant observation that Sarah Palin is hypocritical; "Huffman" wants to end Valentine's Day, so thanks for that, Huffman; Bill Kristol thinks Obama is a fag; and Tom Toles drew a picture about why Bill Kristol thinks Obama is a fag.

Basically, why has Obama failed at torturing people and bombing Iran and Winning Outer Space?



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