Todd Akin Straightforwardly Accepts Responsibility For Deeply Loving Rape Victims


Todd Akin has decided to stick with his Senate race in Missouri and ensure that Claire McCaskill gets another six years of Hardball appearances, and his first step to losing is this brilliant ad.

Akin would like to let you know that he does, in fact, believe that the basic facts of reproductive biology persist even during rape, we think. He says he used "the wrong words in the wrong way," as opposed to all those times you've brought up how doctors think there's a magic vaginal rape shield in the correct way, at family reunions.

Akin then goes into some hargleblargle about how he really doesn't like rapists, and how there are so many victims (FETUSES THAT NOW EXIST, I GUESS?) of rape, and he just wants to protect and hug them all from the U.S. Senate.

The heart he has (presumably ripped from the chest of a rapist) is good. He just used the wrong words. And thinks women who get pregnant from rape - that's a thing! - should be forced to have those babies to avoid creating more victims. Won't you trust this no-lipped crazy man who is all heart?

Hugs, plz?



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