Toilets With Threatening Auras. Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 3, 2022

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Liz's boyfriend Alexander Vindman is suing Giuliani and Jr. and their pals for the tort of being fuckin dicks. (CNN / suit)

Liz spent an hour trying to track down Eric Trump's "lawsuit" he filed (he didn't file a lawsuit). Liz chose violence. — Against the Law

Man those Ottawa Freedom Truckers do not rock.(Ottawa Citizen / more)

More on Amanda Moore, anti-MAGA-shithead spy. — Mother Jones

How Ayanna Pressley communicates through her style, a thing I used to enjoy about Kyrsten Sinema until she started being Kyrsten Sinema.

When I first started working in politics, my inclination was to assimilate. I was often one of very few women and one of, if not the only, people of color in the room, and I tried to adopt whatever political or cultural currency would make it easiest for me to navigate these spaces. I really aged myself; I wore a lot of ascots. I wanted to be taken seriously and demonstrate that I knew the unwritten rules of the uniform. I was the queen of blazers, and I had pearls in every variation and iteration. But throughout my time serving as the first woman of color—the first Black woman—on the Boston City Council, I started to feel more emboldened. In 2011, I was decisively re-elected. I topped the ticket. I felt increasingly confident about my contributions and that my constituents were feeling seen and centered.

So I began to flex.

Pressley is bold and 47 and political and vulnerable and confident and I love everything about this piece. — Elle

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee is a asshole. (Tennessee Lookout)

Tell me more about rural electric vehicle charging stations toolkits, Sec'y Pete! — / toolkit

Cry time! It's Afghan refugees in Orange County, CA, 400 of the 76,000 who got out after Joe Biden finally ended the war. — OC Register

Eliza, where the devil are Andrew Sullivan's calipers! (Not actually about Andrew Sullivan, about EO Wilson and scientific racism, I just think of Andrew Sullivan when I think of calipers now, and no one can blame me.) (Science for the People)

Martini sent me this tab, it is Instagram which I usually don't fuck with but it is a very good Instagram. Toilets With Threatening Auras is real.

(Did you spy the Love Toilet? THAT IS NOT REAL, TOILETS WITH THREATENING AURAS, how will I know whom to trust anymore.)

The 110 through 11 best albums about LA and no I have no idea where 10 through 1 are, maybe they fell into the see-ee-eaa. (The LAnd Mag)

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