Tom Brokaw Is Your New Tim Russert!

Tom Brokaw Is Your New Tim Russert!

A week and a half ago NBC newsman andMeet the Press moderator Tim Russert died, and the earth stopped in its orbit and let out a wild yawp of despair for the most wonderful person who ever lived. Speculation quickly ensued about who would replace Russert in a job that he alone among all living humans was uniquely suited to do: sit in a chair and ask politicians questions. And now we know who will host Meet the Press until the "election," which will be called off at the last minute when we start bombing Iran. It's Tom Brokaw!

Tom Brokaw comes from South Dakota and talks funny. He attained fame and created a virtual cottage industry as the cultural ambassador for World War II porn enthusiasts by fetishizing a generation of people unfortunate enough to be born before the creation of the XBox and the abolishment of the draft. This generation was superior to all generations before or after, with the exception of Tim Russert, who was better than all of them combined.

Brokaw to moderate 'Meet the Press' [MSNBC]


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