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As Weigel notes, this woman doesn't actually say what Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes did to her, or even who she is. Did Maes steal her Social Security checks and then rape her, or did he rape her and then steal her Social Security checks? It turns out that Maes asked her to help him pay his mortgage, and then said it was just a campaign contribution. Tom Tancredo doesn't have a mortgage to pay off. He acheived that by blackmailing illegal immigrants and grabbing their ranch pay.

Poundstone, long-time GOP supporter and former supporter of Maes, alleges Maes asked her and others for money to help him pay his mortgage. She says she gave him more than $300 for that purpose. Maes, however, first told the Denver Post he did not remember what the money was for and now is adamant that he was given the money as a campaign contribution. Poundstone says Maes is a liar.

Sorry, but asking her to help pay his mortgage? What the hell? That's really inexperienced and sad. You launder money or accept bribes to build yourself a mansion tax-free. You don't ask supporters if they can lend you five bucks because you can't afford a payment on your sad little house.

Of course, this old lady is actually a rich GOP donor, not a lowly Social Security nursing-home resident. So she's not some huge victim. But the stresses of dealing with "WTF? This guy wants me to pay his mortgage?" have to be pretty serious, which is something that concerns her grandson, the Heath Ledger Joker.

And we can't blame this woman for betraying her party, because who wouldn't want to run into Tom Tancredo's arms? We spoon our pillows every night with the thought of him. [Weigel]


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