Tom Tancredo Is Completely Crazy

Does that make me craaaazy ? probably - WonketteTune in to CNN's Situation Room this afternoon and watch mentally ill street people jabber to the camera ... oh wait, we meant to say, "Presidential candidate and Honorable Congressman Tom Tancredo is utterly insane." Here are some quotes for you:

* "I'm saying, OK Mr. President, I will go with you that far. I am not a general, neither is General Pelosi, even though she thinks she is."

* "I want [Gonzales] out of there and it has absolutely nothing to do with that particular issue. As I said, I don't care -- I wish he would have fired nine, at least, one more would have been OK with me."

* "He hates people who, you know, politically."

* "I wasn't here. I wasn't here."

Situation Room [CNN]


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