Tom (?) Vilsack Fever Sweeps Nation

will.jpgTom Vilsack (Pete Vilsack? Ted? We're pretty sure it's one syllable) announced his candidacy for President today. Wow! This is big news, even though he already did it a couple weeks ago. And Joe Biden did too, about three times, but no one gives a shit about Joe Biden. Anyway, Vilsack has signs now, so he's legit. Also, a theme song:

Just after 10 o'clcok [sic] Thursday morning, Vilsack and his family entered a Mount Pleasant gymnasium as the local high school band played a song titled "The Final Countdown," by Europe.

They left out the part where he entered the gym on a Segway, but other than that, good color.

Also, Vilsack's got a bitchin' logo -- and it looks like other things (copyright SPY MAGAZINE). Check it out, after the jump!

Vilsack vows to bring "bold change" if elected president [RadioIowa]





So Vilsack's campaign promises to be a surreal, nightmarish, conspiracy-fueled violent insurrection involving aliens. Much like the Katherine Harris campaign!


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