Tomi Lahren Admits That Her Very Patriotic Leggings Were Made In China

Tomi Lahren Admits That Her Very Patriotic Leggings Were Made In China


As you may recall, last week, Tomi Lahren debuted her new line of "athleisure wear," which she assured us were way more American and patriotic than all of the other commie athleisure brands out there. As you may also recall, just a few hours after Wonkette published my little article on Tomi's latest venture, I discovered that this very patriotic line of $80 yoga pants for women who don't hate America was, in fact, made in China.

My investigative efforts were swiftly lauded the next day by the Daily Mail, which actually spelled my last name correctly this time. Thanks, Daily Mail!

And yesterday, Tomi finally broke down and admitted that THE MOST PRO-AMERICA GUN LEGGINGS IN ALL THE WORLD were not, in fact, made in America.

Sure, they'd love to make their YAY AMERICA GUN LEGGINGS in America, but like, that would mean paying people a fair wage and spending even more money making sure the place they worked was safe to work in. How is that fair? Surely, if American workers would agree to make only $3.60 an hour, as Chinese workers do (unless they worked in Ivanka's factory, in which case they made much less than that), Tomi would be only too happy to make her leggings here, in America. Especially if we rolled back safety regulations to a pre-Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire level.

Of course, for most people, the whole point of buying things made in America is not so much to wave a flag and go "HOORAY FOR AMERICA" as it is that our wages are higher and that we do have more safety regulations. The whole problem with sweatshops in the first place are the low wages and the dangerous working conditions. That is why they are bad! I should not have to explain this to anyone.

I also shouldn't have to explain that companies like Alexo do not fuck over workers in other countries and pass the savings onto you, the consumer. Those leggings are not $80 because that is the best deal they can give, they are $80 because that is what they think people will pay for them. And given who they are marketing to, they're probably not wrong.

In case you do want to buy some leggings and yoga pants that are made in America, here is a handy dandy list of companies that make them. I am even pleased to report that one of these companies, Evolution Activewear, makes yoga pants with knee pads in them, which is so much more brilliant than yoga pants with a gun holster. At least for those of us with a whole bony knee situation! Also, there is, a site I have actually bought stuff from before. They're like $16-$25 over there, which I contend is an appropriate amount of money to spend on leggings without built-in knee pads. Also you can buy leggings from independent designers on Etsy. There are many options available!

Anyway! It's Labor Day Weekend, so I'm taking it easy... which means that this is now your open thread! Enjoy!

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