Tomi Lahren: Maybe Terence Crutcher's Death Was A Tragedy, But Sometimes Black People Are Mean On Twitter

Tomi Lahren: Maybe Terence Crutcher's Death Was A Tragedy, But Sometimes Black People Are Mean On Twitter

Tomi Lahren, everyone's new favorite ray of sunshine, has issued her official response to Tulsa police officers shooting Terence Crutcher for being a black man standing next to a car that had broken down. And -- because she is a fair person -- she is big enough to admit that MAYBE this was a tragedy and a bad thing, but also we don't know all the facts (other than the video) and if it was a bad shooting then our Justice Department will totally take care of it and the officers will be punished. Because that's how things work in America, she thinks. If this were to happen in some OTHER country -- like Pottsylvania, Freedonia, San Marcos or Kuristan -- this wouldn't even go to trial. Because America is the only good country.

Of course, the REAL injustice here is that black people are allowed to say that white racism exists and is the reason for all these police shootings of unarmed black men (even though Tomi is pretty sure it is not), but she is not allowed to say that terrorism exists because of Muslim people without everyone thinking she is a jerk? Or something? And it's not fair that she has to wait for "the facts" in a case where she totally knows "Radical Islamic Terrorism" is "the culprit" when people don't have to wait for "all the facts" to make sure an officer shooting an unarmed black person is racist.

BUT EVEN WORSE THAN THAT. Even worse than that. Is that black people and supporters of Black Lives Matter have to be so mean about this stuff! Like, they say mean things to her, Tomi Lahren, on Twitter, and also they have been saying mean things about Betty Shelby, the officer who shot Crutcher, on Twitter. And how is that even fair? What's up with people being angry about this stuff? Why can't they just handle their anger about things in a constructive, cheerful way? The way Tomi Lahren does when someone disappoints her by refusing to stand for a national anthem -- by demanding they leave the country if they hate it so much!

Of course, you see -- it's OK for Tomi Lahren to tell people to get out of the country if they don't agree with her. That is perfectly fine and nice. Just like it's totally cool (AND PATRIOTIC) for white conservatives to say they need guns in order to overthrow the government if it displeases them, but are absolutely appalled that black people would get all upset and protest-y and mean on Twitter just because it seems like an awful lot of them get murdered by police for no apparent reason. Because at the end of the day, they believe that it's "their" country, that it belongs to them, and that everyone else who is here is somehow illegitimate.

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