Tommy Hilfiger Declares DC The Best Place on Earth

  • Tonight through Sunday, August 30: Not that we haven't already told you 1,000 times, but it's (still) restaurant week! And it will even be Restaurant Week next week too. Make a reservation, eat a meal for $35.09, plus tax and gratuity and drinks (which some would argue is a rip-off), and feel like a real Washingtonian, because eating prix fixe meals is what we do. [Restaurant Week]

  • Tonight: It's hard to help the world in August, it's just too damn hot. But, it probably would be nice to do something for all the young folk in DC with AIDS. Pediatric Aids/HIV Care is hosting a fundraiser at Marvin from 6PM-10PM. [Marvin]
  • Thursday, August 27: You still have a chance to check out Phillips After 5 if you haven't done so already (or if you want to go back because it was that awesome). Wine, food, and film. Nothing short of a bad evening. [Phillips After 5]
  • Saturday, August 29: Columbia Heights is hosting a day in honor of all the people who moved there in order to provide the area with enough revenue to be a sustainable, thriving community, despite a murder or two and a displaced ethnic population. In celebration, Wonderland and Red Rocks are offering all day happy hours, as well as tons of other great food deals. Here's to gentrification and the great little area it has produced! [Columbia Heights Day]
  • Tommy: Well it seems that our work here is done: Tommy Hilfiger has taken over DC. The city's "new energy" was the inspiration for his new clothing line. He came here maybe twice, and was so inspired that he went and made a fancy website telling you what to do in DC, including where to eat, all with monosyllabic captions, because that's cool. Thanks to our Savior Obama for making this all possible! [Tommy Hilfiger]

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