Tommy Lasorda Imagines Connection To RFK Assassination

Why don't you pass the time with a game of solitaire?  - WonketteFoul-mouthed nutcase and legendary Dodgers' manager Tommy Lasorda shares his special view of the world on the official MLB website, and on Wednesday he honored the memory of MLK with a bizarre recollection of Robert Kennedy's assassination at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. According to Tommy's blog, Bobby wanted to meet him that fateful night. But Tommy didn't go, because his feet hurt or something. And then RFK got killed by some Manchurian Candidate from Pasadena.

But at least Tommy's buddy Don Drysdale pitched a helluva game for the Dodgers:

It was a night of mixed emotions. While I was happy for Big Don, I was sad and angry about the assassination. No matter what your politics are, or which party you align yourself with, an assassination of any elected official, or national leader, is tragic.
The LA Times website notes a few problems with the story:

* Drysdale pitched on June 8, not June 6. UPDATE: Main Stream Media probably wrong again!

* Lasorda was the manager of a rookie-ball club in Utah at the time.

* There is no conceivable reason why the soon-to-be elected president accepting the Dem nomination in Los Angeles would also be asking to meet a rookie manager from Utah.

The Lasorda/Kennedy Conspiracy [Opinion LA]


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