Tommy Thompson: 'I'm Deaf, So I'm Not Listening To Your Questions'

At least one of the GOP candidates was Reaganesque at last week's Ronald Reagan Memorial GOP Debate. Fourth-tier hopeful Tommy Thompson is pretending he's deaf, just like Reagan used to do when he didn't want to answer questions about Iran-Contra!

During the debate, Tommy said he supports employers' right to fire people for being gay. Firing people over their sexual orientation is actually a crime in most many states. Thompson now says he really meant exactly the opposite of what he clearly said, because his hearing aid suddenly broke during that question, so even though he didn't hear the question at all, he specifically answered it -- but not the way he meant to answer it, of course.

Thompson added that it was hard to talk with a dick in his mouth.

Thompson blames faulty hearing aid for misstatment on gay rights [Quad City Times]

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