Tonight: Liveblogging, With Barack '100' Obama

Tonight: Liveblogging, With Barack '100' Obama

Yes we can haz liveblogging, tonight, beginning when the excitement begins, which is 8PM Eastern and 5PM Western. Do you not have a teevee? Well good for you, but also THAT'S NO EXCUSE because this historic 100-years-war, which will be marked with a fireside chat from the White House (reporters will be burned for fuel), it is also the historic first time YouTube is showing live streaming nude video of the Obama Press Conference.

Try the magic "teevee on the internet" here, and feel sad when it stops working after a few sketchy minutes. Have your pre-game comments fun right here, and we -- meaning, "your editor and your intern Juli," because Sara and Newell have vanished into the secret sex-slave cave of Thomas Jefferson -- will be here with you soon! DO NOT FORGET TO STOP AT THE LIQUOR STORE (AND BUY AMMO). [YouTube]


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