Tons Of Teevee, Terrible Tech Bros, and Sideboob In This Afternoon's Happy Links


Let's see what we have for you this Happy afternoon.

There is no explanation that will satisfy us as to why was on Meet the Press yesterday, because there is no reason should be on Meet the Press ever.

Girlfriend-beating asshole Gurbaksh Chahal saved all the emails his cool friends sent him after he got a sweet plea deal, and now he's giving them to the press in the most poorly-handled charm offensive ever.

John Oliver did his best to make us laugh about the horrible botched execution last week.

We watched Game of Thrones and did a breasts and death count. Verdict: complete lack of boobage, adequate amount of death.

We also watched Veep and found out who Selina's campaign manager will be.

We only watched a few minutes of Saturday Night Live, but the Leslie Jones-filled minutes we did watch were hilarious.

Mad Men had Don Draper returning to work and returning to some seriously impressive drinking.

Did you think we'd leave you without sideboob? Never.


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