Tony Blair To Teach Religious Globalization Management At Yale!

So long, Vicar!New-age "Cool Britannia" third-way bullshitter Tony Blair didn't get his dream job (Pope of the UN/EU) so he's taken the next best thing: a lecturing gig at Yale! Tony has always loved the Ivy League types, and it didn't really matter whether Bill Clinton or George W. Bush were in the White House -- they went to Yale, so he loved them like brothers.

Tony will be the "Howland Distinguished Fellow" for the 2008-2009 school year. His class will "examine issues of faith and globalization," of course, and the Yale School of Management and Divinity will coordinate his lectures or whatever. "Management and Divinity," "faith and globalization" ... Tony Blair will always be a twat.

Prime Minister Blair To Teach At Yale [Yale University]


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