Tony Hayward's Greatest Hits; BP's Well Partner Says Disaster 'Preventable'


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Here's a charming video showing all the times Tony Hayward said "I don't recall" or "Not my fault" or "Sorry, can't hear you!" during his testimony before Joe Barton's Oil Industry Fan Club on Thursday. Seems like just yesterday when people would put up all kinds of "mashups" or whatever, about Current Events, but only Bloomberg News has a video now, so apologies for the drawn-out introduction.

And the Washington Post just posted this story with the view from BP's partner on the Gulf well. Guess what? The partner company says BP was "reckless" and the whole disaster was "preventable." Good to know!

It was the first time since the blowout in the Gulf of Mexico that Anadarko Petroleum had given its view of the accident, and its chief executive, Jim Hackett, did not mince words. In a statement, Hackett said he was "shocked" by information that has emerged from investigations of the accident. He said it "indicates BP operated unsafely and failed to monitor and react to several critical warning signs during the drilling of the Macondo well."

You know what we haven't had in America during the first ten years of this already-awful 21st Century? A really big U.S. earthquake. And an asteroid impact. At least Global Warming is going according to schedule! (Or much faster, actually, whoops ....) [Washington Post]


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