Tony Perkins: God's Gonna Unleash Some Real Harsh Judgment On America Over Biden's Policies

Tony Perkins: God's Gonna Unleash Some Real Harsh Judgment On America Over Biden's Policies

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins.

On Wednesday of this week, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, who has blamed every natural disaster, storm and bout of inclement weather of the last 20 years (at least!) on God being super mad about abortion and gay people existing, stopped by Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California (say that three times fast) to talk about God's thoughts on Joe Biden's first two months in office.

And how does God think Joe Biden is doing? Not great! At least according to Tony Perkins, who knows this because, conveniently, God has all the exact same opinions he does on everything. This probably comes in handy for things other than really disliking gay people and feminism, like Scrabble or deciding which toppings to order on a pizza, but we never hear very much about that!

Via Right Wing Watch:

"These are challenging times" Perkins said. "The policies that are coming out of this administration are literally from the pit of hell."

"America is in a very, very, I would say, precarious situation," he added. "We've seen idolatry in different forms, but now it is so blatant. We're in the 11th hour and I believe America is in serious trouble. We are literally shaking our fists in the face of God and challenging God, 'If you're really God, you do something.' And he is God, and he will do something. That's why I believe it is incumbent upon the church—followers of Jesus Christ—to cry out for God's mercy, and a move of his spirit like we've never seen before in this nation."

Oh. So ... God is going to be so very mad at what the President of the United States is doing, and all of the idolatry that people are doing, that he's going to do something to punish us.

What idolatry, exactly, are people doing with Joe Biden? Is it anything like this?

Golden statue of Trump at CPAC

And what kind of punishment does "God" have in store for us? What's he gonna do? Unleash a pandemic on us? Boy, that sure would be bad. We'd really hate that.

Or will he unleash a flood that will destroy people's houses? Like the time there was a flood in Baton Rouge and Tony Perkins' house was flooded?

I wonder!

Now, I do not believe in God and therefore cannot say that God agrees with me about abortion or people's sexual orientation or if "stunad" should be counted as a word in Scrabble (It should be! I say it all the time!). But hypothetically, if I did believe in a God that communicated his (or her!) disapproval through things like natural disasters and pandemics, I would probably assume that God was not quite as into Donald Trump and Tony Perkins as Tony Perkins might like to believe. Especially if said God was particularly touchy about "graven images" and golden calves or whatever.

Just saying.

[Right Wing Watch]

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