Tony Perkins Knows Soldiers Wouldn't Sext Ladies Their Dicks If There Weren't All These Queers Around

Pretty boy ain't look gay AT ALL.

Is there nothing on earth right-wing hate group leaders CANNOT blame on the gays? Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who looks and talks like a closet case who's gayer than a three-dollar bill hanging out of Judy Garland's mouth, has some thoughts on the newest military scandal, which is about SEXTING.

You see, a two-star general got fired for sending sexxxxy sexts to a sergeant's wife. This is not allowed! So he lost his job after an investigation, according to USA Today, "due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command." Fair enough. Military rules are different from civilian rules.

But Tony Perkins knows why this general ultimately sent the sexts, and it was because of the queers, because for Tony Perkins, everything is about the queers:

Evan Hurst

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