Pretty boy ain't look gay AT ALL.

Is there nothing on earth right-wing hate group leaders CANNOT blame on the gays? Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who looks and talks like a closet case who's gayer than a three-dollar bill hanging out of Judy Garland's mouth, has some thoughts on the newest military scandal, which is about SEXTING.

You see, a two-star general got fired for sending sexxxxy sexts to a sergeant's wife. This is not allowed! So he lost his job after an investigation, according to USA Today, "due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command." Fair enough. Military rules are different from civilian rules.

But Tony Perkins knows why this general ultimately sent the sexts, and it was because of the queers, because for Tony Perkins, everything is about the queers:

PERKINS: I think this is wrong, but who says it’s wrong? The military code of conduct? True, but that also said that homosexuality is wrong, but that prohibition is no longer being enforced. In fact, people are punished for not celebrating homosexuality. Same was true of transgenderism. [...]

That’s where the moral confusion comes from. People think, ‘Well, maybe I can get away with it because they can get away with that. That’s acceptable today, maybe I can do this. When we deny there is a moral law and a moral lawgiver, it leads to confusion and chaos, and we’ve seen this increasingly within the ranks of our nation’s military.

You guys, the general what got fired is more than FIFTY YEARS OLD. Are we truly to believe he was an UPRIGHT NON-SEXTER his entire life, but then UH-OH GAYS IN THE MILITARY, which led him to believe that if gays can wear the uniform without being forced to repent or at least get beated up a lot, then it's OK for him to sext a sergeant's much younger wife?

Did the presence of the homos make the poor general HAVE A CONFUSE about whether he should do that? Did the queersexuals hold his dick for him while he took sexxxy pictures for his sexts?

Is that how ANY of this works? Does Tony Perkins think the men in our military are such pussies that they could be peer-pressured into changing their behavior entirely just because of the presence of gay people?

Or is it possible Tony Perkins is saying a lot more about his own personal struggles than he's saying about the military? Does he think that if he had been in that situation when he was a young Marine, the gays might have been able to tempt him to do sins, up to and possibly including letting them do wrongsexes to his b-hole? Is that what it is, Tony Perkins? IS IT, YOU FUCKER?

Meh, maybe he's just a fucking sociopath who runs a Christian wanna-be ISIS-type organization and he's never ever not once dreamt of the comfort of a warm dick. MAYBE.

Regardless, we are as usual in awe of fundamentalist Christians who insist that, if God's little messengers on earth don't tell us what's right and wrong, or if people don't accept the "truth" that their fucking monster God hates faggots, that everything will go to chaos and everybody will obviously just run around raping and murdering all day. (AND GAYING.) They never realize how much they're revealing about themselves when they say things like that.

It's really scary. Like "Never Leave Them Alone With Your Kids" scary.

The one thing Tony Perkins did not blame on gays? That time his house got destroyed in the Baton Rouge floods. That was just a oopsie.

Or maybe his dumb fuckhead God was using his holy throwing arm to aim for the gays in New Orleans and accidentally hit Tony Perkins right in his allegedly not gay butthole.

LOL Tony Perkins's God is bad at sports.

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[Right Wing Watch]

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