Tony Snow Sings, and We Need to Hear It: A Wonkette Call to Arms

beatsworkin.jpgTony Snow belongs to a rock band. That rock band is called "Beats Workin'." That band has a website (for the time being). There are pictures, but no upcoming gigs and no audio samples. (Though it does note that they play "Brown Sugar," which might make Snow the first Press Secretary to sing the praises of antebellum miscegenation since at least Charles G. Ross.)

Tony Snow's Fox homepage has this teaser, though:


Alas, the LINK IS DEAD. We cannot allow this to go unheard.

We've been searching for an hour, and there's no trace of it. This is the URL that the audio clip used to be located at. Alas, the Internet Archive did not index it, and the clip seems to be hidden elsewhere. So we turn to you, our dedicated and resourceful readers.

Find us this clip (or, hell, an audio or video clip of Hardly Workin' or whatever the hell they're called, with Tony singing) and you'll have our eternal gratitude. And the gratitude of the nation. Our ability to stay interested in this story may depend on it.

The Tony Snow Show [FoxNews via AMC]

Beats Workin'


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