Too Bad Conan O'Brien Won't Be Joking About The 'Salami Recall' On TV Tonight

  • People got all mad at President Obama waiting three days to make a statement about the Underpants Bomber, so they will no doubt be infuriated that it took Osama bin Laden a whole month. [New York Times]
  • In other Al Qaeda news, militants belonging to this organization bombed a checkpoint in Yemen. [Reuters]
  • Thank Sweet Suffering Christ on a Popsickle Stick that some senators bravely came out over the weekend and said they'd support a second term for Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, because otherwise the stock market might have continued to decline slightly, which would have been DISASTER. [FOXBusiness]
  • Q. Why is it so difficult to pass a healthcare bill even though both the Senate and House have already approved similar versions of the thing? A. Good question! [Los Angeles Times]
  • This article on the salami recall has an extremely helpful diagram showing where diarrhea goes. [dBTechno]
  • The government is about to end several key programs propping up the mortgage markets, which means WHEEEE another wave of foreclosures and bankruptcies and DOOM. [Washington Post]

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