• Monday, August 10: We know it's not as simple as "It's hot therefore global warming is real," but seriously, who denies global warming on a thousand-degree day?  The Heritage Foundation, that's who!  Join them today at noon as they "systematically debunk" every assertion Al Gore made in his film An Inconvenient Truth and try to convince us that the government's anti-warming policies are in fact WORSE then global warming itself.  [Heritage Foundation]

  • Wednesday, August 12: It's easy to forget that we're at War, but, hey we still are! The Center for American Progress is hosting a conversation about U.S. policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan with Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and his interagency team Wednesday at 10AM. Hopefully this panel of experts will shed some light on what's going on. [The Center for American Progress]
  • Wednesday, August 12: Why is Obama neglecting trade policy? Trade is important and there are bilateral agreements we have to deal with, not to mention reformatting US trade policy in general, which he PROMISED he would do during the campaign. AEI whines about Obama's supposed lack of interest in trade policy six months into his presidency, Wednesday at 10AM. [AEI]
  • Thursday, August 13: Is America all better or are we still in this pesky little recession? Has our savior's big Band-Aid, the stimulus package, worked, or has he been so busy killing babies that we're still trying to get ourselves out of this mess? The folks at the Brookings Institution, back from god knows where, evaluate the success of the stimulus package Thursday morning at 10AM. [The Brookings Institution]
  • Friday, August 14: We're not surprised that our current immigration policy is costing us millions of dollars, and the Cato Institute is hosting an event Friday at noon (with lunch!) examining whether restricting or legalizing immigration is the best and most efficient way to reform immigration. [CATO]

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