Top Cop: 'The Hostage Situation is Still Fluid'

iran.jpgAccording to MSNBC, law enforcement sources are now saying the hostage suspect is 46-year-old Leland Eisenberg (not Troy Stanley). Meanwhile, minutes ago, Capt. Paul Callaghan of the Rochetster Police held a press conference and revealed... nothing! Every question was deflected or outright rejected.

Over and over, Capt. Callaghan responded: "That's information I'm not going to comment on... It's not inappropriate to comment on this because the is a fluid investigation and it's still ongoing, It's still fluid." Sounds like he's been briefed by Clinton's handlers already. Fluid? What is Clinton trying to spin the hostage negotiations like Reagan? In any event, between the ATF, FBI, Secret Service, and State and local police, there's enough firepower in Rochester tonight to level a Branch Davidian compound.


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