Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is A Dancin' Cowgirl

Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is A Dancin' Cowgirl

Yr Editrix bundled up the fam and took a few days off to stay at a ranch in the mountains for a couple days, because Rebecca's birthday. Look at this place! (She notes "it was fewer moneys when I rented it," because she is not a spendthrift.) Many fun times with the girls, and of course there are photos below.

But first, you Wonkquestial beings of pure energy, we will count down the top ten articles of the past week, as chosen by Daft Punk on their way out the door.

10: God Tells 'Prophet' He's Gonna Smite All The Social Media Companies And Make Trump President Again — Sometimes we think God is just trolling these prophet guys.

9: Why Does Everyone Try To Make Poor Ted Cruz Look Bad By Not Being Ted Cruz? — It's really unfair how everyone does that.

8: Ted Cruz: Don't Blame Me, Blame My SWEET INNOCENT YOUNG DAUGHTERS! — A second week in the Top Ten, because he really is entirely that awful.

7: Steve Bannon Might Still Get To Go To Jail After All! — One can always hope!

6: White Lady Discouraged From Humiliating Herself With 'Library Rap' Cries Reverse Racism — The struggle is real. Real stupid.

5: Rep. Adam Kinzinger Glad Y'all Know What Garbage-Asses His Cousins Are Now — It's sad to see what rightwing Trump cultism can do to a family. Doesn't mean you need to put up with it.

4: Unpresidential Dogs And 52-Year-Old Scandals: The Right Is Really Reaching For Its Outrage — It's nice to have slow news days again. But the price is wingnuts being mean to Joe Biden's sweet old dog. Happily, Champ does not watch TV.

3: If You Sh*t In The Woods, Is There A Bear Under The Outhouse? — Sometimes the news gods send us a perfect story.

2: Shorter Trump: 'Elp! 'Elp! I'm Being Fascist Persecuted By Brett And Amy And Neil And Clarence And ... Mean ol' Supreme Court, NO FAIR!

1: Yes, We Absolutely Must Dance On Rush Limbaugh's Grave, For The Good Of All Humanity — A moral imperative is a moral imperative.

And now here are the birthday vacation pics!

Amazing how Tallulah took some of that purple light and attached it to the back of her tractor.

Maybe that Jim Henson's Game Of Thrones Babies video was a bad idea.

The birthday ranch has an outside, too!

We'll confess: we are jealous of the children of Spokane, having that awesome giant wagon slide.

Happy birthday, Rebecca!

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