Top Ten Mistakes Wonkette Has Ever Made

The really funny thing about our calling the wrong jail to (heh heh) report on whether or not John Bolton had visited Judy Miller in the pokey was that we remembered how to use a phone. Of course, the whole thing was a stunt designed to ensure that the mainstream media never take blogs seriously and in that narrow goal, surely it was a success. That it made me look like a geographically challenged twit? Not so much. Surprisingly, however, this mistake does not even rank in the top ten. It could be -- and has been -- so much, much worse.

Top Ten Mistakes Wonkette Has Ever Made

10. Made three hour motion picture premised on the theory that F. Lee Bailey did not act alone.

9. "Why, yes, I would be happy to help you help you extract your US$15MILLION from a bank in Nigeria."

8. Ordered the McRib.

7. Invaded a country based on false intelligence. Took SAT drunk.

6. Voted for Nader.

5. That last shot of tequila.

4. Second marriage to Michael Jackson.

3. Sent in passport application with gender marked as "male." (Completely true, btw.)

2. Accidentally gave professor "criminal" brain instead of "normal" one.

1. Once reported that guards at Guantanamo put a Korean in the toilet.



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