Top Ten Rules of Advance Stagecraft

will.jpgIn the December issue of Men's Vogue, on newsstands tomorrow, former Clinton and Dukakis advance man Joshua King goes behind the scenes of the Clinton and Romney campaigns in Iowa to pen his 20 Rules of Advance Stagecraft (No word if he was the genius behind tank-and-helmet shot that doomed Dukakis). The Top Ten, after the jump.

1. On Game Day, details left to chance will turn ugly.

2. Once you pick your site, you own it, so choose with care.

3. The camera should never show empty seats.

4. A candidate dons headgear at his own peril.

5. Human backdrops should smile and not snooze.

6. Expansive wide shots cover more front page newspaper columns.

7. You get paid in memories--and even the bad ones are valuable.

8. Some camera angles turn politics into public art.

(Subrule 8A. A shot from above conveys majesty.)

9. Music can define a candidate, for better or worse. No hip-hop, please, in Iowa.

10.Brushes with the law get you a one-way ticket home.

Black Book: Rules of the Road [Men's Vogue]


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