Top White House Aides Swear They're on the List

ticketabramoff.jpgThe House Government Reform Committee released a lengthy report on convicted defrauder/super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff's contacts at the White House, and every news outlet in the country has been going over it looking for the most damning detail. We've learned that Jack was best buds with Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove, and that they got lots of presents and helped Jack's clients any way they could. But our musically-inclined baby brother Idolator found the most important news: White House officials have terrible taste.

Jennifer Farley The White House aide is probably the biggest offender of all: On April 11, 2002, she received two free tickets to see...Yanni. Alas, the show, like the others, was held at the MCI Center; not even a plugged-in pug like Abramoff can get you into the Acropolis.

In other concert-related bribery, Ken Mehlman demanded two tickets to U2 and Rove aide Susan Ralston was "the most frequent recipient of tickets from Abramoff." She saw Bruce "Pinko" Springsteen and Andrea "Inexplicably Popular" Bocelli. At the Bocelli show, she even got her parking validated. IS NOTHING SACRED?

White House Officials Enjoy Corruption, Bad New-Age Music [Idolator]


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