Total Hippie Eric Holder Says Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em, Washington and Colorado

Total Hippie Eric Holder Says Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em, Washington and Colorado

Well, this is just about the nicest nice time we have ever had:

The United States government took an historic step back from its long-running drug war on Thursday, when Attorney General Eric Holder informed the governors of Washington and Colorado that the Department of Justice would allow the states to create a regime that would regulate and implement the ballot initiatives that legalized the use of marijuana for adults.

Now, now, stoners and stonerettes, don't get too crazy with the cool buds, because the DOJ issued a memo explaining that it will still TOTALLY bust Washingtonians and Coloradotonians for stuff like "the distribution of marijuana to minors" and "the diversion of marijuana from states where it is legal under state law in some form to other states."

Now, of course we Californiatonians would like to know why the federal government has targeted medical marijuana dispensaries in recent years (asking for a friend, OF COURSE), but we still take this development as a good step in the right direction. So for now, if you live in a state that has recently legalized recreational marijuana so potheads don't have to pretend they have glaucoma to get their prescriptionrecommendation, well, kick back, smoke up, enjoy some cartoons, and pass the Cheetos, because it is allllllllll good.



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