Totally Non-Shocking Poll Results: Americans A-Okay With Denying Sluts Birth Control


Was your day going a little too well until now? Were the birds annoying you with their musical chirps, and the sun just cold pissing you off with its warming rays? Then you will want to take a look at thisNYT/CBS poll on American attitudes towards President Barack Obama and other filthy whores. Proving you can never repeat nonsense bullshit like "they want us taxpayers to pay them to have sex!" too many times, the gentlefolk on the right appear to have won this round with the simple childlike ("nuanced"?) morans of the US of A.

Also too, Bammerz is down like a million to forty (41 percent job performance approval; 47 percent disapproval), because he singlehandedly tripled gas prices from that $1.79 low they were at for five seconds when he was inaugurated, due to a drop in demand from all the factories shutting down and the drop in demand from nobody having work to drive to. Your editrix will be drinking extra-early today, for Jesus. [NYT/CBS Poll, via Dave Weigel]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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