Tracking Poll Reveals John McCain Is President Of Monday


Oh hey look it's another tracking poll! The latest Rasmussen dealy shows that John McCain is tied with Barack Obama at 44%, but if you include "leaners," the geezer beats the pants off the charismatic upstart with a whopping 47% to Obama's crappy old 46%. JOHN MCCAIN IS PRESIDENT OF LEANERS!

Other data will strike fear in the hearts of Obamatards: their guy is losing badly among "unaffiliateds," and his favorable ratings are at their lowest level since he got the nomination. Does all this bad news mean that John McCain's laughable "Barack Obama is a white party girl wrapped in the body of a black politician" ad actually worked? Probably! After all, we are a nation of idiot retard losers. Or maybe Barack Obama will be president of Tuesday. Stay tuned for more exciting, meaningless updates!

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll [Rasmussen Reports]


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