Traitor Republicans Help Democrats Almost Pass Financial Regulation

The cloture vote,it has happened! It passed with 60 votes and those 60 votes included Former Teabagger Hero/New Ted Kennedy Scott Brown. And that means the Senate will vote "for reals" on the Financial Regulation legislation, today. Is Scott Brown turning out to be kind of awesome? Compared to alleged Democrats like Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman and especially Russ Feingold (who joined 37 Republicans today in voting No), Scott Brown is looking like somebody who might regularly support middle-of-the-road Nobama stuff. And are Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins even legally Republicans, being from Communist Maine?

In just one hour, the Senate will pass the actual legislation, and now it just needs a simple majority so the Renegade Republicans can save face, if they want, and just not show up or whatever. Go get an ice cream.

But what does the Financial Regulation Legislation mean for you, the non-rich person reading Wonkette? Nothing, really. Sorry! [TPM/Washington Independent/The Nation]


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