Traitorous Hippie Barred from Mocking Wounded Heroes

Baez with some fellow subversives. - WonkettePopular tunesmith and cataloger of things that are "ours" Johnny Cougar recently played a show for the patients at Walter Reed hospital. It was, by all accounts, a moving performance.

But it was almost a savage mockery of everything America stands for. Because John invited Joan Baez, professional troop-hater, to sing a couple songs with him. The arrangements had almost been ironed out, but finally someone at the military came to their senses. The Army, at the last minute, rescinded her invitation.

Reached by telephone yesterday at her home in Menlo Park, Calif., Baez, 66, said she wasn't told why she was given the boot, but speculated, "There might have been one, there might have been 50 [soldiers] that thought I was a traitor."

Joan, Joan, Joan. There are way more than 50 soldiers at Walter Reed!

John "Mellencamp" Cougar also invited Dan Rather to come too -- are we sure he's not a Muslim? How did he get through the show without spitting on any wounded vets?

Joan Baez Unwelcome At Concert For Troops [WP]


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