Transphobic Target Lady Is Here To Yell At Teenz About All Their Bathroom Sex And MTV

Oh for joy, we've got a live one! Meet Angela Cummings! Angela made some headlines last week for going around an empty Target in Queensbury, New York (which she thought was "Glens Falls"), yelling at all the people to not shop there and to quit their jobs because they let trans people pee there, RIGHT IN THE AISLES. Wait, no, not in the aisles. In the bathrooms. Where they are supposed to go. She is not, as I briefly assumed, the same lady we wrote about last week, but another one. Because they are legion.

This week, Angela took her act on the road to nearby Scotia-Glenville High School, where she yelled a bunch of hilarious things at high schoolers and was then asked to leave school property by the police.

She said, and I quote:

"How many of you are angels or demons out here? How many of you are right with God and going to heaven if you die? How many of you if a ISIS bomber showed up, would you go to heaven? The bible says the fear of the lord is the beginning of knowledge! Many of you don't have knowledge, you watch too much MTV, gangster music and you live for the devil! Some of you even smoke pot! It's time to repent! Turn to Jesus! The person that's hailing Satan is exactly why I came here! I am practicing freedom of speech!"

Did you know that MTV and "gangster music" were still things people were yelling about? I did not! And honestly I am a little bit bummed that she did not even bother to yell at the kids about all that Marilyn Manson they're listening to these days.


"Next year Obama is gonna let you young men, your young men, use the girls bathroom! It's time for you to start homeschooling! Just yesterday, a girl had sex in a high school with 28--"

It was at this point that she got into it with the high school vice principal, who was not so happy about her yelling about bathroom sex on school property. Then the cops came and she got into it with them, and continued being all kinds of delightful.

For what it is worth, it seems like it would be pretty difficult to have sex with 28 dudes in a high school girl's room. I mean, it's tough enough to smoke in a high school girl's room these days, I highly doubt anyone is pulling off an orgy, particularly one with 28 dudes. How long would that take? Even at 5 minutes each, that would take like two and a half hours! How many free periods did this girl have in a row? Plus, have you ever seen a girls' high school bathroom? It would be difficult for 29 people to fit in there to begin with. And how did this lady find this out? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW. Specifically my inquiring mind. I am oddly concerned with the logistics of this.

Angela has many more videos of her "open air preaching," by the way. This is her whole thing that she does! That and holding the bible up like a gun and Jesus-shooting all the bathroom sex havers. We look forward to following her work.

EDIT: I stand corrected, sort of! Didn't google the bathroom sex thing because I was in a coffee shop and it felt like nothing good could come of that, but apparently there was a thing recently about a girl in Florida having sex with *25* dudes in the girl's room in her high school. GO KNOW. I still maintain that it would be a very difficult thing to pull off in most high schools. Also, none of them were trans, so shouldn't this lady be happy about that?

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Robyn Pennacchia

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