Trippi Bounced in Favor of Bigger Losers

nothing in my handsSo Dean has told the architect of his instantly legendary grassroots success, Joe Trippi, to get out -- which we sort of understand. The Scream and whatnot. The losing. But here's the funny part: Dean is replacing him with Gore's advisors. Because, uhm, yeah, they did such a great job for Gore. To review: Joe Trippi helped bring Dean from being an obscure governor of a tiny state to a national front-runner. Al Gore's advisers managed to fumble one of the surest bets in campaign history.

Dean could have done worse only if he had tapped Scalia and Rehnquist to be his campaign managers.

Howard Dean Replaces His Campaign Manager [AP/Yahoo]

UPDATE: Roy Neel, the guy that Dean brought on to be his new campaign chief did not run Al Gore's 2000 campaign. He ran Al Gore's vice presidency. You can decide for yourself if this is a better resume for a campaign manager to have. And, according to the AP, "Neel was named to head Gore's transition team in anticipation of the former vice president winning the White House." Nothing if not optimistic!


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