This week, Russell Crowe, Maria Cantwell, Ezra Klein, Megan McArdle, Tom Delay and Pete Hegseth were all spotted being various degrees of famous at various places by our spies and operatives. Voyeuristic fun, as always, is after the jump.

See someone we've heard of somewhere in or near the district? Tell us about it in an email, with the subject line "Wonk'd" or "Sighting."

* Not sure who this should go to, but I thought you might like to know that Russell Crowe came into a Georgetown retail establishment this afternoon (Saturday) - and everyone said he was "really nice" (kind of surprising)!!! He walked into the Bicycle Pro Shop on M Street (across from the Key Bridge) and looked around at some high end bicycles. He chatted nicely with the employees and walked out with a purchase - a bottle of water!! Too funny.

* I spotted Maria Cantwell hiding behind a pair of giant sunglasses and a Bazaar magazine getting a pedi at a nail salon in Adams Morgan, of all places. Maybe the cougar trolling is better in Adams Mo than in stuffier neighborhoods of D.C.

* I saw Ezra Klein and Megan McArdle at the Wonderland bar trivia last night. They were pretty quiet, although they did argue one question about where Chernobyl happened (I thought they had a point).

* Just saw Tom Delay on 1st and C SE on the house side. He was alone and looked like a sniveling rat. He was on his way to the house parking lot to get his car. No one recognized him and no one cared.

* I saw Pete Hegseth, of Iraq Vets for Freedom, at the corner of 19th and M this morning at about 9:45. He was crossing M and running up 19th and looked like he was running late for something and I was on my bike going the opposite direction waiting for the light. I shouted: "Hey" and he turned around and looked at me but didn't stop. So I said again: "Hey, wait up for a second." He stopped and faced me. I told him, "We gotta get out of there." He smiled an awkward smile and kept running.


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