Troy Davis Execution Is Wingnut Chance To Talk Abortion, Obamacare


National pastimes die hard.The Napoleonic legal theory of "guilty until proven innocent, suckers" won a major victory for racism in the United States legal system last night with the execution of Troy Davis, a black man from Georgia convicted of the murder of a white police officer 22 years ago and sentenced to death under deeply dubious circumstances that has made everyone from the former director of the FBI to even the crazy Nazi Pope go, "R U F*#KING SERIOUS, AMERICA." Yes, America is very serious about executing people, any people it can find! It is actually the only form of "American exceptionalism" left, since the U.S. is the last first world country to cling to the death penalty. While most sane people can recognize this as a pathetic failure of justice, the reliable crowd of violent sociopath wingnuts who crowd Twitter with incessant piles of garbage would like to weigh in and say, eh, "Since when is the death penalty a justice issue? It's Obamacare and abortion discussion time, for no reason except racism." Naturally.


Yes, why hasn't NBC been reporting on all of its employees' medical issues instead of discussing really anything else at all? That is the important thing here.

Yeah, everybody, there was a white guy who died. Why has everyone forgotten that a white guy died? A WHITE GUY. WHY IS EVERYONE FOCUSING ON THE BLACK GUY.

This whole case, it is about Obamacare. OBAMACARE KILLED TROY DAVIS.

Ugh. Just go look at the Think Progress collection of protester photos, to preserve your sanity. Not everyone in America is insane. [AP/ Twitter]


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