Truck Fump never looked so good

Do you, like all sentient beings on the planet, have a violently strong distaste for presidential candidate Donald J. Trump (nee Drumpf)? Of course you do!

Do you, like so very many others, feel the need to express your feelings by shouting "Fuck You, Donald J. Trump (nee Drumpf)" at the top of your lungs? Why, yes, yes you do!

Would doing that get you, like people who don't work at Yr Wonkette, fired so fast that your head would spin? Probably!

Boy do we have something for you! Check out our new Truck Fump branded internet merchandise! The design features the words "Truck" and "Fump," but in such a way that it really looks like "Fuck" and "Trump." That's right guys, you can walk around sporting your Fuck Trump message, but nobody can get mad at you, because you are really just advertising your enthusiasm for non-existent truck accessories. There are no rules against saying "Truck Fump" it is not even that rude! (It is sort of rude, but not as rude as when my wife saw a sad man in an "I Sharted" T-shirt at the airport, and she kind of got mad at him, because that is tacky, she does not want to think about your sharts.)

Shirts not your thing? Don't worry, we got you covered with our awesome Truck Fump Throw Pillows:

Not to be used to smother anybody

Need something for the office? Mugs!

Savor the flavor of your hate

And if that doesn't do it for you, we have hoodies, phone cases, tote bags, laptop sleeves, and even notebooks for you to chronicle your epic hate for Donald J. Trump (nee Drumpf). Still no, then here, get a sticker. You can put that on anything...

Truck Fump anywhere, even on a truck!

I make Orange look Good

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