Trump Actually Just Having (Possibly Fake) 4D Chess Coronavirus, Supporters Say

Trump Actually Just Having (Possibly Fake) 4D Chess Coronavirus, Supporters Say

Late last night, it was announced that both Donald and Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19. That is a fact. It is also a fact that he has been traveling around, holding large, crowded rallies at which no one was wearing a mask and mocking Joe Biden for not doing the same. It is also a fact that at the debate on Tuesday night, his family sat in the audience not wearing masks. It is also a fact that he has been insisting for some time now that the coronavirus is not as dangerous as scientists say it is and that everything should just open up and go back to normal again. That we don't need mail-in ballots because everything is totally fine and safe. He has said that coronavirus can be almost immediately cured by taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc. He said nothing to correct his son Eric, who claimed that the whole pandemic was a hoax that would magically disappear after the 2020 election.

His supporters have believed him. Even when Herman Cain died, they believed him. Probably even when their own relatives died, they believed him.

As you can imagine, Trump testing positive has created something of a conundrum, especially for his more conspiracy-minded supporters — many of whom actually believe that the whole thing is a hoax that the Left created in order to force them to participate in a satanic ritual by wearing masks. What satanic ritual? We don't actually know. But apparently it is super important to all of us.

Because I care, I thought I would check in on his people, to see how they are handling this. Surprisingly well, as it turns out! Because they believe, for one, that he is an incredibly healthy person, and healthy people, they believe, don't die from COVID-19. They also believe that, if he does have it, he will be able to swiftly cure it with hydroxychloroquine and will be better in a day.

Some of them, however, believe that he doesn't actually have it and that he is faking it as part of the 4D chess that he plays, for a variety of reasons.

The take from a lot of the QAnon people is that he is faking it in order to go into hiding so that the "10 Days of Darkness" can commence. This is supposedly a period of 10 days in which all power and communications go out, there's no internet, no TV except for communications from the president. It is during this time that the mass arrests will start.

Others are less specific, but are excited to "enjoy the show" and believe that Trump is faking having the virus for in order to use it against us. Somehow.

Screenshot: QResearch

"Who's worried? Enjoy the show!!!!!!!" wrote one Voat user on the QResearch forum. "Using the plandemic to his advantage, oh my who could have anticipated that," wrote another. "Using his enemy's moves against him is the smartest way to fight," another Q person agreed. One user admitted that they were worried until they saw "Patriots posting comms and news unlocking," which helped them see that "this is all planned."

Still others believe he is simply taking time off to "battle evil."

On the AskTrumpSupporters subreddit, one user claims that Trump is only pretending to have it so "libs" will have to admit we "created the hoax":

Great move by Trump. We all know the virus is a hoax so I think his next move will be to invest heavily in some medication, say that it cured him from the fake virus, then the libs will have to either reveal they created the hoax or let Trump get tons of campaign money from the sheep buying whatever medication he decided to promote. Plus it gives him a reason to avoid any more debates with fake news biased mediators.

You know, it actually offends me that they think we'd create a hoax that would be dependent on them listening to scientists and caring whether anyone lives or dies. Do they really think we're that stupid? Or that we think so highly of them? Please. We would never expect them to do either of those things, under any circumstances.

The scary thing here is that there truly is no bottom. You'd think that their beloved leader contracting the virus would be some kind of wakeup call, but the goalposts can always be moved. For those who choose to live a fictional existence, anything they make up can be "true."

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