Let's All Smile And Nod At MAGA Threats That Prosecuting Trump Will Make Him Boss Of Us Forever

There are several genres of right-wing reactions developing to Donald Trump's impending first arrest and indictment. One we heard this weekend, notably from Mike Pence, was that it's appalling Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is doing this right now, what with the CRIME WAVE. As if that's not code for "how can you possibly arrest Donald Trump as long as Black people still exist?"

In this post let's talk about a threat and a fantasy we're starting to see a lot of from these MAGA morons. This tweet and Twitter poll encapsulates it nicely:

Oh you betcha, we are sure there are millions people out there who voted against Trump twice, but upon his arrest will fall in love with him and pledge allegiance forever.

Elon Musk made the prediction, which sounded more like an incel threat, that if Trump is arrested, he "would be re-elected in a landslide victory." He was responding to another tweet that made the very same prediction/threat. It's intended to try to intimidate people, a flaccid way of trying to pre-justify a "Look What You Made Me Do"-type conclusion.

This is obviously bullying abuser behavior. But that's where we come to the fantasy.

It's the silliest of fantasies.

The threat is that if Donald Trump is held accountable — for his decades of criminal behavior, for inciting a terrorist attack against America, for trying to overthrow the government to steal an election, and God knows what else — then YOU'LL SEE, HE'LL BE THE BOSS OF YOU NOW, IN A LANDSLIDE!

The fantasy this is predicated on is that there is some silent majority out there in America that would be activated in the event of his arrest. No matter that such a silent majority has yet to show up every other time it's been threatened. The notion that there are these masses of people who could be convinced to love Trump or care what happens to him or have sympathy for him under any circumstances. The unrealistic fantasy is that if Trump was on fire, passersby actually would piss on him.

It is delusional.

There are many examples of this genre, but Marjorie Taylor Greene's reactions are some of the most ludicrous, for obvious reasons. Here's an example:

"[T]he silent majority has two feelings right now about the current regime. Fear and anger."

Okeydoke, crazy person!

In a statement so illiterate it seems like it was written by Trump himself, Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik says Democrats are doing this because they "cannot beat President Trump at the ballot box." You know, as if we hadn't already beat the shit out of him in the 2020 election, and kicked most of his candidates' asses in the midterms, as if America doesn't jump at every opportunity it has to humiliate him.

Trump himself is babbling that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg should be arrested for "election interference." As if anybody actually believes this is the only way he could be beaten in 2024.

Greg Sargent makes good points in this tweet, responding to Elon's threats:

Donald Trump is the most hated and laughed at person in the world, perhaps in human history. Indeed, the only thing he may be the best at is being a sad, unimpressive, world-historical loser. Nobody is coming to save that guy.

Sure, he has his die-hard idiots, the ones he appears to be trying to incite into committing new violence for him. The ones talking about creating a "patriot moat" around Mar-a-Lago to prevent his arrest. We will never stop laughing if that happens, but there's no guarantee that even that impotent elite strike force will show up. Nothing is coming that's going to change whatever is on its way for Trump, in the slam-dunk indictment coming from the Manhattan DA or any bigger ones that follow.

Here is the cold, hard truth, at least as far as we reckon:

Most of the world's reactions to a Trump indictment will fall somewhere on the spectrum between shrugging of the shoulders and outright celebration. That's the Overton Window right there. We can talk in other posts about how it's not "good" per se to be living through a time in history when the former US president is being indicted and maybe eventually imprisoned. (This wouldn't be our first time at that particular rodeo if Gerald Ford had had the courage.)

But all the same, we are pretty sure a bunch of MAGA people's sad fantasy bubbles are about to be burst in dramatic and cruel fashion, by all the onlookers who either don't care or see Trump being held accountable as long-overdue justice.

We're afraid we're just going to have to smile and nod at these people who think they can intimidate Americans with threats that if Trump is held accountable, we'll be sorry, because then Trump will be elected Jesus-For-Life, and did they mention you'll be sorry?

And as reality dawns on them, as they watch their savior being hauled away never to rise again on the third day, we're afraid we're going to have to just let them cry it out.

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