You will all be glad to learn Donald Trump's campaign has finally disavowed the support of one (1) person caught on camera shouting "Jew S-A! Jew S-A! Jew S-A!" at reporters covering a Trump rally in Phoenix, while the rest of the crowd chanted "USA! USA!" the way a proper American ought. The unknown gentleman, wearing a "Hillary for Prison" t-shirt from the Alex Jones line of fine menswear, was recorded by Nick Corasanti of the New York Times -- or as those wits at Stormfront like to call it, the "Jew York Times" -- and the video quickly went viral, prompting two sets of responses from Trump supporters: 1) Obviously a Hillary Clinton plant, because James O'Keefe said so and 2) He's right, Jew know, the Jews DO run everything!!!!!

Surprisingly, no one pedantically noted that, as an all-Aryan organization, the S.A. wouldn't have admitted Jews in the first place, duh. Do we commie liberals have to do all your homework, you dumb brownshirts?

While in the middle of ranting, the gentleman also spat on NBC's Ali Vitali and explained the press is the enemy. As seen in the video, he closed his impromptu oration with "We're run by the Jews, OK? YEAH!" You know, unless the lying media made it all up in coordination with the Clinton campaign.

Needless to say, Trump "campaign manager" Kellyanne Conway was simply aghast when shown the video:

While rejecting Jake Tapper's suggestion that anti-Semites and racists are commonly Trump supporters -- really, you have to evaluate each person on an individual basis, not make generalizations simply based on the vast number of Pepe the Frog memes used by mere thousands of Trumpers -- Conway did at least agree that at long last, there was indeed a deplorable person at a Trump rally:

That man’s conduct was deplorable. And had I been there, I would have asked security to remove him immediately.

But just the one, dear. And he wouldn't even fit in a basket, for heaven's sake, so if you people in the Jews-media are going to get all upset, you should be offended by Hillary Clinton for insulting a huge swath of Americans, shame on her.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]So now the Trump has condemned that guy, and also David Duke (who may or may not be "deplorable"), so you people just stop complaining Trump somehow is associated with the "alt-right," OK? And if some other racist guy who isn't Donald Trump says a racist thing at a Trump rally, then Conway will carefully assess whether to condemn that person, too.

[Nick Corasanti on Twitter / CNN / Guardian / Buzzfeed]

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