Trump Channels Dead Transphobic Walt Disney, Declares Self Bigger Than Jesus

Trump Channels Dead Transphobic Walt Disney, Declares Self Bigger Than Jesus

In an interview this week with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Donald Trump shared his hot takes on the supposed "Culture War" that is less of a war these days and more of a series of unsolicited nuclear attacks on peaceful people who were not bothering anyone and were just trying to live their lives and make the world a nicer place for everyone.

During this interview, Brody very seriously asked Trump, a noted Bible expert, if he felt, "like many people," that the "transgender movement" was evil and unbiblical, adding that "a lot of people" say "this is not the way it should be." Trump responded to that question by making up a statistic out of nowhere and sharing Dead Walt Disney's personal thoughts on the issue.

Via CBN:

"That's not the way it should be, that's for sure, it is a terrible thing," he said. "Especially when you're taking children that don't even have this period to form. And you know, in many cases, I hear 60% of the cases, later in life, they say, why did they do this to me? 60%. No, I think it's a terrible thing. I think what's happened with Disney and what Disney's doing, Walt Disney is looking down. He's not happy, Okay? Walt Disney said, 'Whatever happened to my beautiful Magic Kingdom?'"

First of all, Walt Disney died five years before the Magic Kingdom opened. Second, if he's been keeping an eye on things all this time, he's probably not even talking about that. He's probably just mad that they got rid of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Now, we can't say for sure, but yeah, probably a guy who was born in 1901, made many very racist cartoons and gave studio tours to Leni Riefenstahl would not have exactly been big on LGBTQ rights. But "a lot of people" might say it's a good thing that we are no longer operating under the same moral code as such men.

Brody then interjects his own grotesque commentary, adding, "Whatever is happening, there are charges that those who support discussing the LGBT lifestyle with little kids are in what they call, 'the grooming business.' Trump said he gets it.'" Perhaps because he, too, frequently likes to make things up about people and even himself.

In fact, Trump next explained that he has done more for Christianity "than anyone." Given that this is Trump, we can assume that he includes Jesus in this assessment.

"Yeah, I'm opposed to it," he said. "This is a different world. It's a new world, and I think it's actually going to be shut out. You know, how it's going to get shut out? Common sense. It's common sense. But I think it's going, and I think religion will help shut it out. You know, nobody has done more for Christianity. Nobody has done more for religion of all types than me. And they're really doing things now too and I've always said it. They are against organized religion. They're against Christianity."

Because common sense and organized religion just have so much in common.

For someone who has done more for Christianity and organized religion than anyone, it sure is interesting that he actually presided over a particularly steep decline in church membership. By 2021, the year he left office, only 47 percent of Americans belonged to a church, synagogue or mosque. This marked the very first time in history that number dipped below 50 percent.

Graph showing decline of church membership from 73 percent in 1937 to 47 percent in 2021

Christianity has also been in decline. You know what's been on a real upswing though? Those who describe their personal religious beliefs as "atheist, agnostic or nothing in particular." Over the last decade, that number has gone from 17 percent to 26 percent.

Now, I don't know about you but I would think that if Donald Trump had done more for Christianity and organized religion than any other person ever, including Jesus, people wouldn't be running away from church en masse. Is that Donald Trump's fault? Maybe. Maybe he got elected and people thought to themselves "Guess there isn't a God after all!" Or not, who knows?

Either way, if the bigots are counting on religiosity to help them in their quest to have at least one group they are allowed to discriminate against, it looks like they're going to be out of luck.

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