Trump Checks His Executive Privilege, Decides Yes, He's KING!

Time to fire up that shredder, kids! Poppy Trump has invoked executive privilege over the entire Mueller Report, so now we have to delete poor Evan's eight-million-word liveblog. DOH! Bill Barr followed through on his threat to ground the House and send it to bed without its 448-page bedtime story if Chairman Jerry Nadler proceeded this morning with a Judiciary Committee vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress. Which he did. Yesterday, Barr was willing to show a whole 12 of the 41 members of the Committee a less-redacted report, as long as they promised never to talk about it with anyone on the House Intel Committee. But now that is ILLEGAL because the entirety of the report -- including the 90 percent that has already been published unredacted -- is covered under a warm, fluffy blanket of privilege.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote to Nadler this morning:

We are disappointed that you have rejected the Department of Justice's request to delay the vote of the Committee on the Judiciary on a contempt finding against the Attorney General this morning. By doing so, you have terminated our ongoing negotiations and abandoned the accommodation process with respect to your April 18, 2019 subpoena of confidential Department of Justice materials related to the investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, III.

Okay, buddy. Boyd can posture for the court all he likes as to who walked away from the table first, but he's still sending a letter claiming that several hundred pages which the White House agreed to publish are now secret because Donald Trump waved his magic privilege wand.

Unfortunately, rather than allowing the negotiations to continue, you scheduled an unnecessary contempt vote, which you refused to postpone to allow additional time for compromise.

Accordingly, this is to advise you that the President has asserted executive privilege over the entirety of the subpoenaed materials. As I indicated in my letter to you last night, this protective assertion of executive privilege ensures the President's ability to make a final decision whether to assert privilege following a full review of these materials.

Meanwhile, back at the Judiciary Committee, the initial vote on the markup for the Barr contempt citation was 22-12 in favor. Womp womp. Looks like Bill Barr's threat to withhold information he'd already acknowledged the members had a right to see might have backfired.

Sometimes heroes wear capes. Sometimes they're a 5-foot-4 Jewish grandfather from Brooklyn with a penchant for sweater vests. It's a weird world.

Speaking of weird, get a load of Congressman HeeHaw, who knows that HILLARY IS THE REAL COLLUSION.

PEW PEW! Ranking Member Doug Collins makes words real good like. Republican Steve Chabot is also sure that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were making secret love babies with Vladimir Putin and Christopher Steele, and Bill Barr is just about to find out about it.

GOP Rep. Debbie Lesko excoriated the Democrats for engaging in week after week of "political theater" -- guess she didn't get the memo that the GOP looooves the theatah, they just want Hillary Clinton on the marquee. Jim Jordan cited all the career FBI officials Trump fired as evidence of a DEEP STATE conspiracy. And Matt Gaetz suggested that Nadler could read the "less redacted" version of the report out on the floor of the House instead of going after Bill Barr if he really cared about justice. Which is ... ummm. They're still yammering, but we're going to cut them off. Especially you, Matt!

Okay, just one more.

YUP. We probably shouldn't have elected the worst person in America as president. Thanks, electoral college!


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