Trump Does Putin A Favor Though In The Oval Office

Thank goodness we have the Russian press to tell us what's REALLY going on. Yesterday CNN got confirmation from Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova that the rumored Oval Office meeting with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is a go for this afternoon. The Ukrainians are desperately trying to negotiate an end to the war with invading Russians, while Donald Trump plants a big fat kiss on Putin's ass. Ukraine, if you're listening ... we just screwed you over.

The meeting will be closed to the American press, of course, so we'll have to rely on Russia to tell us which country's intelligence service Trump sells out this time and whether the FBI director is getting fired. Thanks, Pootie!

At their last meeting on May 10, 2017, Trump welcomed a Russian "photographer" from the state-owned news agency with all his "equipment" into the Oval to witness him brag that "I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job." Oh, hey lookie here!

(Evan has that covered for you here.)

At that last meeting with Lavrov, Trump went on to flap his yap about classified Israeli intelligence on an ISIS plot to turn laptops into bombs that could take down airplanes. The story got out immediately, since the White House was freaking the fuck out. So Sean Spicer was dispatched to publicly abuse the Deep State leakers, trying to take down God's chosen president, with Gen. McMaster fast on his heels thundering that Trump had every right to give the Russians info entrusted to us by ally intelligence services, because WHAT EVEN ARE FRIENDS FOR?

The CIA, then headed by heat-seeking missile for Trump's ass Mike Pompeo, raced to exfiltrate our highest placed Kremlin spy, who had provided reliable intel on our Russian enemies for decades, to prevent President Loose Lips from getting him murdered by offering up his identity as idle chitchat. Or perhaps we yanked Our Man in Moscow to prevent him from getting any more proof of Russian interference in the 2016 election and coordination with the Trump campaign? Maybe it was both!

So, what valuable US intelligence assets will Donald Trump burn this time when he's sucking up to his dictator pals? Will Trump promise to bless the Russian military seizure of huge chunks of Ukraine if the Kremlin will just do us a favor, though? What are the odds that the Kremlin announces an investigation of Hunter Biden's work in the former Soviet Union next week and the White House starts a blitz to blow up those pesky Magnitsky sanctions the Russians hate so much? Or will Trump start tweeting Russian dezinformatsiya about Ukrainians being the real criminals who shot down that Malaysian airliner in 2014, right before they sent those assassins to England to frame the poor, innocent Russians for trying to murder Sergei Skripal?

Three years into this nightmare, every wannabe despot on the planet has worked out that the US president is a thirsty little bitch who talks big and caves every time, so there's no point in offering concessions when you can just string him along until he gets desperate and declares victory.

Case in point:

The absolute best -- read least worst -- scenario is that Trump just swallows a load of Russian propaganda like it's the word of Holy White Jesus himself. Because Trump may sleep in a different White House wing from the Melon, but he definitely pops wood every time a two-bit dictator hikes up his skirt an inch. Trump was only too happy to believe Putin's lies about his country's election interference and the supposed perfidy of the Ukrainians. And while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is trying to negotiate an end to the war in Crimea, Donald Trump is giving a bear hug to the very Russians that invaded that country. In case there was any idea we were going to back the Ukrainians against a revanchist Russia that wants to reestablish the Soviet Union.

Turns out there's a cost for refusing to "do us a favor, though." And the GOP, who have trumpeted their support for Ukraine and opposition to Russian aggression, don't have a goddamn word to say when Donald Trump makes Ukraine pay it.


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