Trump Dossier Spy Christopher Steele: Sorry, A-Holes, But My Shit Is True

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Lots of news today about the Dodgy Dossier, the one that's trying to kill Carter Page. (Don't worry, it hasn't killed him even a little bit!)

The big thing you need to know is that Christopher Steele, the ex-MI6 spy contracted to look into Donald Trump and his dirty secrets, and who ended up finding so much dirty Russian shit he compiled it into a DODGY DOSSIER, has crept out of his hidey-hole to say, "Sorry, you dingbats, but the shit in there is TRUE. Pip pip!"

Steele is quoted in a new book by a Guardian journalist called Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Trump Win:

“I’ve been dealing with this country for 30 years. Why would I invent this stuff?” Steele is quoted as saying.

The Guardian says Steele is pretty sure "70-90%" of his work is accurate, which sounds right to us. Remember, nothing in the dossier has actually been debunked. A bit more about his credibility, and why US law enforcement takes him so seriously:

Between 2014 and 2016, he authored more than a hundred reports on Russia and Ukraine, which were commissioned by private clients but shared widely within the state department and passed across the desks of the secretary of state, John Kerry, and the assistant secretary Victoria Nuland, who led the US response to the annexation of Crimea and the covert invasion of eastern Ukraine.

The sources for those reports were the same as those quoted in the dossier on Trump ...

In other words, if Donald Trump's campaign was conspiring with Russia to steal an election, and/or if Donald Trump went to the Russian pee hooker club so much he got a free golden shower every tenth visit, Steele would be the guy to find out about it.

Natasha Bertrand also writes about the new book at Business Insider, reporting that investigators need to be looking very closely at Trump's real estate deals with the Russians, because that is where Steele thinks the good shit is:

Steele did not go into further detail, Harding said, but seemed to be referring to a 2008 home sale to the Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev. [...]

"Check their values against the money Trump secured via loans," the former intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, told The Guardian's Luke Harding. "The difference is what's important."


Do you remember that weird Trump real estate transaction? He bought this house in Palm Beach for the very nothing price of $41.35 million, then turned around and sold it to Rybolovlev for around $100 million. When we first heard about it, we figured Trump had probably put some granite countertops in it and finished the bonus room, which would make the house-flipping profit make sense, but apparently Steele (and Robert Mueller!) think there's more to it than that. Rybolovlev never moved in, and now the house has been torn down and the land subdivided.

For the record, Mueller is looking at all Trump's shady real estate dealings, including the sales of condos in Trump properties to Russians, because of course he is.

As for other dossier news on the internet, would you like some links to read? We would love to give you some!

  • McClatchy has a deep look at XBT/Webzilla, which the dossier says was involved in the hacking of the DNC. If you are into "computers" and "internet," you will find it interesting!
  • Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS, testified before the House Intelligence Committee recently, and revealed the very shocking news that Christopher Steele didn't pay his sources. Oh wait, did we say shocking? We meant "not all that surprising." We know Republicans are very concerned about who paid for the dodgy dossier (HILLARY!), but as we've said before, it doesn't fucking matter who paid for the fucking dossier. All that matters is whether or not it's true. Likewise, we really don't care how Steele got his information.
  • Remember how we just said it doesn't fucking matter who paid for the fucking dossier? It still doesn't, but man, House Republicans will not stop fucking this chicken. Click over to the Politico for surely very interesting information about the lawsuit Fusion GPS filed to protect its clients and the House Republicans who hate them for that.

OK, you have your reading list, so this post is over. Besides, we said Wednesday we would stop writing about the Trump-Russia scandal, since the REAL story is Hillary Clinton and uranium, which is ... oh wait, Fox News explained this week that the uranium story is bullshit. Guess that isn't the real story :(

Onward, Robert Mueller!

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