Trump Explains Pittsburgh Loves Him, So It Was A Very Nice Day

Donald Trump took to the Twitter Box this morning to proclaim that his visit to console the grieving families of Pittsburgh was a HUGE SUCCESS yesterday, because it went just fine for him, and therefore there is no reason to think his visit was anything other than yet another triumph. The thousands who protested Trump's visit and condemned his hatemongering may have disagreed, but honestly, they're just fake news and malcontents, aren't they?

After all, if Donald Trump didn't see a protest that was very far away -- again, thousands of protesters, one block north of the Tree of Life synagogue -- then it was very small and pretty much didn't happen at all, right?

So much warm respect and niceness for the Office of the President! And yet the shameful media lied, reporting that there were thousands of people in the streets and interviewing them and filming them, as if they even existed at all. BAD! This was a visit to bring America together, and dammit, America was brought together, although the White House neglected to invite the area's Democratic congressman, Mike Doyle, along for the trip, and also didn't invite Pennsylvania's Democratic US senator, Bob Casey, either, because why would they even bother? An invitation was made to Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, although a spokesperson said Toomey had other commitments already on his schedule.

The hastily arranged trip did at least extend an invite to the four top congressional leaders -- Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, and Representatives Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, which was all the Democrats they could stomach, apparently (all four declined).

Puittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, a Democrat, had asked Trump to please just stay away until all the victims of the massacre had been buried, saying "all attention [Tuesday] should be on the victims." A spokesperson for Peduto said he had been invited, but he had declined.

Also, the family of at least one of the victims refused to meet with Trump, citing his suggestion that the massacre could have been avoided if the congregation had armed guards to protect it from a heavily armed guy who shot up several cops after killing the Jews because George Soros was polluting America with immigrants, a conspiracy hoax Donald Trump has spread. The family of Daniel Stein, 71, just didn't see how more guns always make things better, so they declined to meet with the Great Man:

"Everybody feels that they were inappropriate," said Stephen Halle, Stein's nephew. "He was blaming the community."

Still, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders insisted the "presidential" visit was both very much wanted and very enthusiastic, kind of, because leaders of the synagogue helped with the planning once it was clear Trump would show up.

"He was also asked to come by some," she told reporters. "Look, the president wanted to show his respect on behalf of the entire country, and to represent the country in this moment and be there to show our support."

You people better remember: He's president of ALL of America, whether you like it or not, and any suggestion that there were protests (which were tiny and a very far block away) is DISGRACEFUL, shame on you for not grieving right and dragging politics into an act of political terrorism against your community.

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