Trump Faves 'MAGAPill,' Which Knows Hillary Molested An Underage Girl, A Thing That Definitely Happened

This thing is great for twitter reception

Donald Trump had more stupid thoughts over the weekend, which was not surprising since those are the only kind he has. Among other things, he explained why the Senate needs an accused child molester in office and claimed Time magazine had hinted he might be "Man (Person) of the Year,” but it was too much trouble to bother with. (Time said nahh, not true.) And of course, he said CNN is the worstest fake news ever, because it's bad for America:

CNN's PR department explained CNN's job is to report the news, not tell the world what a swell guy Trump is, as if that mattered. But Trump wasn't finished -- he wished that more news outlets would follow the lead of some idiot website and say only nice things about Trump on Twitter:

So this MAGAPill place must be a pretty great website, huh? You bet they are! They're such a terrific place that after Trump retweeted them, their site crashed, no doubt due to the efforts of evil hackers who don't want the truth about Trump's achievements to be known. They were soon back up with a huge list of everything Trump has accomplished, or at least the positive economic stats that have been reported even though Trump hasn't actually gotten Congress to pass anything other than repeals of Obama rules.

Oh, and the site's Twitter feed sure is full of nutso conspiracy theories. There's a little of everything! There's the insistence that Lady Gaga is a "spirit cooker" -- a reference to one of the crazier parts of the already crazy #pizzagate conspiracy theory (tl;dr version: idiots decided that some odd performance art was a freaky Satanic child-murder ritual, because isn't everything?)

Yes, they see Globalists everywhere. At least "MAGAGaga" makes a good sound effect. Oh, and what Globalist plot was she "presiding over"? A fundraiser for hurricane relief -- those monsters!

But wait! There's more! MAGApill also tweeted this except from a Facebook video by "investigative journalist" Liz Cronkin, who happens to know that the FBI found a Real Sex Video of Hillary Clinton molesting an underage girl -- a file from Anthony Weiner's laptop, obviously:

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