Trump Fires Guy Who Made 2020 Election Too Hard To Steal. That's It, That's The Headline.

Trump has fired another person to make the point that he is still VERY MAD and is STILL ALLOWED to fire people, at least for the time being.

This time it was expected, and it was Christopher Krebs, the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), which is part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Krebs got the axe because he successfully protected the 2020 election from hostile actors foreign and Republican domestic, and he said so out loud.

Trump fired him with these tweets:

Indeed, Krebs and other agency heads announced that the November 3 election was the "most secure in American history," and that "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised." This runs counter to Donald Trump's series of bullshit lies (SEE TRUMP TWEETS) about how the election was obviously stolen from him because he didn't win.

Krebs was the rare Trump appointee who was good at his job, and he was expecting to be fired for it. (The assistant director of his agency was forced to resign last week.) As David Ignatius notes in the Washington Post, Krebs was so bad at leaving the election open for Trump to steal it, so uncommitted to Sparkle Motion, that he posted regular debunkings of election lies on a website called Rumor Control.

Here is one such debunking:

Krebs even RTed this exhortation last week to please not believe the bullshit, even if it comes from President Bullshit-Mouth-In-Chief.

Aw, did Chris Krebs hurt the delicate president's feelings by calling him a shitmouthed liar? No, those are Wonkette's words, but Krebs's words and actions obviously had the same effect. Because to be clear, everything Trump believes about "improprieties and fraud"; everything he believes about poll watchers being banned from polling places; everything he believes about "glitches" in voting machines; every baseless dumbass lie he tells about "Dominion voting machines" changing hundreds of thousand votes from Trump to Biden — all of it is bullshit. (In the case of Dominion voting machines, Trump's conspiracy theories are the most braindead things we have ever seen in our entire life, but he's the most braindead president in world history, so.)

So of course Twitter had to slap Trump's tweets, the ones where he fired Krebs, with its "These are stupid-ass lies" labels, because everything Trump tweets is a stupid-ass lie.

Krebs's successful work in protecting the election from enemies foreign and Republican domestic was apparently so successful that this is how Trump reacted on Twitter to his and others' announcement that it was the safest and most secure in American history:

Poor thing's brain is so broken he doesn't even understand why that tweet doesn't work.

He's literally taking credit for the election actually being the most secure election ever, except for all the Democratic fraud what stole it from him. Trump also whine-bragged last night, after firing Krebs, that the election was indeed safe from foreign actors, which, if true, probably pisses Trump off most of all. Putin couldn't even steal the Rust Belt for him again, unfair!

Look at this fucking loser:

At press time, Trump was whining about his moron supporters' latest clown-ass attempt to steal Michigan last night being a colossal fucking failure.

Can we be real with you for a sec? We know, Wonkette is known for its shyness.

We can talk more about Chris Krebs and how good at his job he was, and how fucked up it is that this is happening, how he's being fired because he helped protect the electionso well. We can talk more about how obscene this is happening in a country that used to brag, right or wrong, that it was the world's beacon of democracy. And we are sure we will be having conversations for many years to come about how degraded we have become, how rapid our decline accelerated with the presidency of Donald Trump.

But the truth of the matter is that in a few weeks, we will have a new president, and the firing of Chris Krebs won't matter, in the grand scheme of things. Joe Biden might even hire him back!

But let's be clear on why this happened:

This happened because Donald Trump is a little sniveling fuckmouth who can't handle the fact he lost the election, because he's a loser. Which is insane, because he's never been anything in his life but a loser. He took his daddy's inheritance (his daddy was a loser too, but not as big a loser as he is) and squandered it; he lost the vote of the American people in 2016 by millions, only "winning" because the FBI director and Russia helped steal it for him; he served as the most despised president in American history the entire time, never breaking a 50 percent approval rating in a real non-Rasmussen polling outlet; he accomplished nothing of value while president; he lost the 2020 election by even more millions, and also by a landslide in the Electoral College; and whenever God sees fit to remove him from this earth, his memory will be a joke, told by people for however long his memory lasts, which will probably not be that long, because history is written by the winners, not losers like Donald Trump.

Get the fuck out of the White House, loser.

UPDATE: OK, we can talk about Chris Krebs a little more, since this is how he is responding to being fired:

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